About Us

Sonic Milling Systems is a disruptive food technology company based in Canada. We are a diverse team of engineers, food scientists, and business leaders dedicated to developing breakthrough processing technologies for plant-based ingredients, beverages, and foods.

For the past 10 years our team has pioneered the development of our Sonic Milling TM  hydrodynamic cavitation technology for use in the food industry. Throughout our history, we’ve worked with industry-leading partners across North America, Latin America, and Asia for the development of commercial products and ingredients. 



Wayne Goranson, CEO

Wayne is a professional engineer with widespread public company experience. Prior to co-founding Sonic Milling, he led the Mera Group, a Saskatchewan Based engineering and technology services firm, leading projects in China, Mexico, Iran, Ukraine & Russia. He has actively worked in Latin America since 1994, and maintains a formidable international network of both political and business contacts. Wayne possesses cooperative agreements with well-placed leaders in Nicaraguan, Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Panama. This network has brought Wayne into personal contact with executives from Soluble Nestle, BanPro, and St. Georges agricultural banks. Wayne has a strong presence in the Dominican Republic, and has had the opportunity to present Sonic Milling to the JAD Union of Agriculture and the Canadian Ambassador of the Dominican Republic.

Kamal Narayanaswamy, CTO

Kamal has 15+ years of experience in manufacturing and resource sector. Kamal has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters Degree in Industrial Systems Engineering. He has converted several concept ideas to full scale field implementation in various industries and led projects from design and fabrication to successful field commissioning and operation of processing systems around the world. Kamal designs processing systems with high operational and equipment reliability for extreme environments. He has 10+ years of experience and understanding of cavitation as a technology and successfully applying them to processing systems.

Charles Goranson, COO

Charles has a BA in Economics from the University of Saskatchewan. Charles has been with Sonic Milling since 2015 but has been a part of the business from a very young age. Currently he is responsible for global marketing, financial analytics, and new business development. Charles also has a high degree of technical expertise and has developed multiple products and processes for plant-based protein beverages, fruit purees and pasta sauces.