plant-based Dairy

Our patented two stage Sonic Milling TM  process provides flexibility to convert a variety of whole plants into both specialty dairy ingredients and finished goods. The process uses the whole grain, pulse, or nut in order to maintain full fibre, while the precise heating process creates a neutral flavor and odor and industry-leading nutritional profile. The resulting product is lactose free with no preservatives and additives, with flavours and nutrients able to be tailored to customer and market specifications.


Offering a range of specialty Plant-Based ingredients and finished goods

Plant-Based Snacking and meats

We have developed a method for producing a Sonic Milled TM  high protein and fiber paste from grains and pulses that is used to make protein snacks, baked goods, and meat analogues / extenders. The process is similar to what is used to produce our dairy ingredients and beverages, maintaining full fiber and nutrient content, while being odorless and having a neutral taste.